Production Artist NYC Art Director

Digital Producer
Art Director

Adobe Partner Badga

Marketing Cloud Partner

Google Certifications:
DoubleClick Studio
-Dynamic Rich Media
-Mastering Google WebDesigner

15+ years In UX Prototyping

Home Entertainment Media Key-Art
DoubleClick's Google Web Designer
Banner design, copy writing, animation
Adobe Edge Animate CC
Unlike my other portfolio samples, this HTML5 Adobe Edge Animation was a collaborative design from a Style Guide and under the guidance of the Creative Director.
Outreach posters and concert hall venue design for Millenial Recruiting

Google DoubleClick Studio Advertising banner using Google WebDesigner vector animation
February 2020 – Virtual Conference & Expo 3 Minute Promotional Video

Virtual Tradeshow UX/UI Integration Design & Onboarding/Marketing Video

Virtual Tradeshow UX/UI Integration Design & Onboarding/Marketing Video
Looking to go virtual with your Tradeshow or Expo Conference this year or next? This is how I develop and design the UX/UI integration into commercial event platforms. In this case we are using Whova, whcih I highly recommend for their excellent support services.
Branding Style Guide for Santa Clara Convention Center's Flash Memory Summit. Logo, Branding & Website UX/UI design & development.
2016 – 50 Second spot promo commercial (best viewed in full screen)
Originally AfterEffects & Flash Animation made into video clip for new devices
Large Kiosk Advert , Copy and Execution.
(Exported to Premiere Video for Apple devices.)

Corporate Brochures
32 page Corporate Brochure
Pharma branding, logo, tradeshow poster and masthead.
Infographic &mdas; Attendance At-a-Glance