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Our Company

Global Card Systems, Inc. (GCSi) is the emerging leader and pioneer of a debit card based, centralized solution, for mobile eCommerce, global banking and communications for the global community. Driven by the commercial potential and connectivity of the Internet and mobile devices, GCSi has developed a unique “OneCard™” solution for multiple card platforms.

Based out of Silicon Valley, in Sunnyvale, California, GCSi has designed and deployed a global banking and revenue Visa® Card Financial system driven alternatively from the end user's cell phone, from the convenience of wherever they may be at any given moment, globally.

The GCS Exclusive One Card™ provides access to funds in more than 180 countries and global ATM networks worldwide and is accepted by merchants via the purchase power of VISA® Card networks, as a single source finance, communication and information solution for the Global Community of 4.6 billion people. A Community where everyone can qualify.

Our Mission

Global Card Systems, Inc. is committed to providing continuous state-of-the-art technology and scalability of services and products in order to facilitate convenience and accessibility in finance and communication to the global community. This includes the creation of sales jobs globally. The company model is based on utilizing resources from the globalization of telecommunications, the Internet, and the world economy. Global financial access opens your reach, awareness and possibilities.

Coupled with the growing demand for international convenience and accessibility, in finance and communication, GCSi has launched a first-time-ever product and services that promise to continue being scalable with the global emerging technologies and always available to everyone in already over 180 countries.

The promise of our Company Mission does not cease at scalability and future vision. In fact, the driving mechanism behind the success of the company, the product and services, and the mission itself, by design, lies primarily on the creation of sales jobs and ease-of-life worldwide for both consumers and organization members. The target is global proliferation and sales of the product by people everywhere, from all walks of life without prior experience — facilitating education of Sales Careers in finance internationally.

As with our ExclusiveOne™ Card availability to all, this job market is available to everyone globally without geographic or demographic limitations. Succinctly, our Vision is scalability and ease of financial freedom and accessibility—Our Mission... is a slightly better world by empowering people with our financial tool to assist their quest for financial convenience world wide.

Our Services

The GCS OneCard™ provides access to funds in more than 180 global ATM networks worldwide and is accepted by merchants via the purchase power of VISA® Card networks.

The GCSi OneCard™ provides a single source finance, communication and information solution for the Global Community of 4.6 billion people. A Community where anyone may qualify. The OneCard™ will offer your customers, members and end users the following services.


The GCS-B2B group focuses on developing innovative and seamless applications of our core product for your company's existing business model and infrastructure in order to facilitate your global financial access. The multinational payroll and funds availability of 180 countries from a centralized location, now offers a world of possibilities. For more information please contact our GCS-B2B team from the Contact page.

    The ExclusiveOne™ Card  Features:

    • FREE (No Fee) International Money Card-2-Card, Transfers
      • Second card activation discounted by 50% to $9.95
      • FREE—No Monthly Fee for second card (Limited time only)
      • Convenient Money Transfers from cell phone to cell phone
      • Funds transferred and available immediately
      • FREE MONEY TRANSFER—Without the cost of Bank Wires or Western Union transfer fees

    • Visa® Debit Transaction Card
      • No Bank Account needed
      • No credit check
      • You may qualify with a valid government ID in good standing.

    • International Calling Card
      • (with the best competitive rates and no hidden or connection fees)

    • With direct deposit from your employer

    • Online and by phone complete banking to card

    • Instant security alerts of each and every card transaction to cell phone

    • FDIC insured funds up to $250,000

For details on the OneCard™ unique services and exclusive values please read our product features page.

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