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This agreement is between you, the authorized cardholder, and Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI). It governs the respective rights and obligations of both parties in connection with the issuance and use of the Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI). If you use or authorize the use of the Card, by the act, you are accepting the terms and agreement and agreeing to be bound by them. The Card enables you to withdraw and transfer funds that you have prepaid/loaded on the Card at participating Merchant Points-of-Sale (MPOS) and Retail Loading Centers (LC).  Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) will maintain accounting records of the funds that you have loaded, withdrawn and transferred using the Card. You cannot withdraw or transfer more funds than the available balance in your Card account. If you try to do so, the transaction will be declined. The Card is the property of Palm Desert National Bank and Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI). Palm Desert National Bank or Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) may revoke the Card at any time without cause or notice. If Palm Desert National Bank or Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) does so, you agree to surrender the Card to Palm Desert National Bank or Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI). In that event, Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) will repay any remaining pre-paid balance on your Card to you after deducting all applicable fees and charges. 


Notify Global Rewards System immediately if you believe that the Card has been lost, stolen, if your personal Identification Number (PIN) has been compromised, or if you suspect that any unauthorized person(s) is withdrawing or transferring money from the Card. You may call Global Rewards System 24 hours a day, 7days a week at the Telephone number located on the back of the Card and deactivate your card. You may notify  Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) by mail at Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI), 440 Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale , CA 94085.


Your card must be activated by the participating merchant at the time of purchase. Upon activation, you will be able to start using your Card for retail purchases, Card to Card transfers, ATM transactions, long distance calling and more. The Card has two distinct default PIN enclosed inside the package. Your PIN will enable you to identify yourself when using the Card. These PIN are an important security feature that functions as your signature, identifying you as the proper user of the Card and authorizing any transaction that you make using the Card. You will not reveal your PIN to unauthorized users of the Card and you assume full responsibility for any and all transactions made by such unauthorized users. Do not disclose your PIN to any persons, including Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI), employees of Global Rewards System banks, processor, MPOS or LCS.  If you voluntarily give your Card or PIN to another person, you are authorizing such person to use your Card and access your funds, whether you intend to do so or not, and you will be responsible for their use of your Card.

Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) offers the following array of services to Cardholders:

AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE (ATM) SERVICES—ATMs that bear the network logos that appear on the back of the CARD for fund withdrawals and for inquiries about the amount of funds available to you.

MERCHANT SERVICES Purchase goods and services at any retail or other establishment that displays the network logos that appear on the back of the Card.

CARD-to-CARD TRANSFER SERVICES Transfer available funds among active Global Rewards Cards.

LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE SERVICES Make local and long distance telephone calls through a designated telecommunications service provider.


LOADING – You cannot obtain cash from the Card until it is loaded with value and the balance is available. You can load the Card at a participating LC, by card to card transfer, or other method specified by Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI). You will not pay or receive any interest on the funds that you load onto the Card or on your available balance. Please note that there may not be any LC in your location. Please visit for the nearest LC.

USAGE Once the Card is loaded and there is a balance, you can use the Card for the above services. You must present your CARD and have your Account Access Code (PIN) available to load the Card or to make a withdrawal or transfer of funds from the Card. You cannot make withdrawals or transfer in excess of the available balance on the Card. Upon any withdrawal or transfer of funds, the available balance on the Card will be reduced by the amount of such withdrawal or transfer. You agree to permit any person to whom you present the Card to verify the authenticity of the Card with Global Rewards System before completing the transaction.

You are responsible for all transactions initiated by use of the Card and your PIN. You may use your CARD only in manner and the purposes authorizes by this agreement. Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) may recognize a transaction even if Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) has not authorizes it, but that does not mean Global Rewards System will authorize the same transaction again. Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) may restrict access to your Card account if Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) notices excessive use of your Card Account or other suspicious activities. In that event, Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) will attempt to notify you. GCSI will reinstate the Card once GCSI has determined that the use of your Card was proper in GCSI’S sole discretion.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE – If you withdraw or transfer funds using the Card in a foreign country, the amount will be converted to the local currency at a rate determined by the ATM’s financial institution. Global Card Systems, Inc (GCSI) does not control the exchange rate at the date or place of exchange.


You may check your Card balance and transaction activity and initiate other customer services requests by calling the number indicated in the back of your Card or on the Internet at www.OneGlobalCard.netat any time. GCSI primary office business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am-8:00pm, pacific time with the exception of any state or federal banking holidays.


Fees applicable to the use of the Card are set out below. Fees are subject to change.

The telephone number located on the back of your Card.


ATM WITHDRAWALS Retail Card ATM withdrawal fee of $1.00 per domestic (US) and $3.00 per international withdrawal request will be deducted from the available balance on your account.

ATM SURCHARGES An ATM owner or operator may impose a surcharge for your use of its ATM. The amount of the surcharge will be disclosed at the ATM. Any such surcharge will be deducted from the balance of your Card Account, along with the amount of the withdrawal performed at the ATM. You must agree to the ATM surcharge in order to complete the withdrawal.

BALANCE INQUIRIES/DECLINES There will not be a fee for any balance inquiries or for declined withdrawals performed at a domestic (US) ATM or per international ATM inquiry, or for international ATM declines. You can review your Card Account balance by calling the telephone number located on the back of your Card. From International locations, visit our web site at on the Internet. This information is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DEPOSIT/ LOAD – There will be a $3.00 fee for loading your Card at a participating LC.

PURCHASES – A fee of  $ 0.50 will be charged for domestic (US) purchases. A $0.50 fee will be charged for all international purchases. There will not be a charged for domestic declined purchases or returns, or for international declined purchases or returns.

TRANSFERS – You can transfer funds free from one Card to another using the same “ Card Your Money “ platform.

ADMINISTRATIVE FEES – A maintenance fee of  $5.95 will be charged monthly. In the event that there is no activity on the account for three (3) conservative months, a Service Inactivity fee of $5.95 will be charged monthly or until activity resumes.

LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE FEES – For Long Distance Service call 1888-319-2999 and follow the prompts. Calls will be charged at a rate of $0.045 per minute for domestic (US). See the schedule posted to the web site at  for all international calls.

DIRECT DEPOSIT – Free to cardholders who have their payroll deposited directly on to their card account by their employer.

AUTOMATED VOICE RESPONSE FEESThere is a $0.99 fee for all calls made to the Automated Voice Response (AVR) system that result in a transaction, i.e. balance inquiry, last ten transactions, customer service, etc.

STATEMENT FEESYour Card Account balance and activity information is available free of charge at


Daily Load Limits TBD $7,500.00  
Maximum Balance TBD $9,999.00  
Daily ATM Withdrawal $500.00  
Debit Transaction $500.00  
Debit Daily Limit $500.00  
These amounts may be modified at the discretion of Global Rewards System.


Under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act you can request periodic statements from Global Rewards System. You can choose to receive the following information in paper form or electronically. If you choose a paper statement, please call the number on the back of your Card and speak to a customer service representative. Applicable fees will apply.


Global Card Systems, Inc. will have no liability to you other than to account for all amounts loaded on the Card less withdrawals, transfer and authorized fees and charges. If Global Card Systems, Inc does not complete a transfer to, or from your account, or in the correct amount according to Global Card Systems, Inc Agreement with you, even if GCSI is negligent in failing to do so, GCSI will not be liable for your losses and damages. GCSI will not be liable, for example, (1) if an ATM or a merchant LC refuses to honor your Card; (2) If GCSI fails to permit a withdrawal or transfer even through a sufficient prepaid amount remains on the Card for the transaction; (3) If the ATM where you are making a withdrawal does not have enough cash; (4) If any equipment or equipment operator and other persons involved in delivery of Card services break down or fails.

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