You Can Qualify for the ExclusiveOne™ Card

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Q. How do I know if I qualify for the Visa® OneCard™ application?

A. Everyone may qualify, with a valid government ID in good standing.

Q. Is the Visa® OneCard™ free? 

A. No, the application process is a one-time only $19.95 USD fee.



Q. Can I use my Global OneCard™ debit card to make purchases at any store that is not a member of the OneCard™ network?

A. Yes. The Global OneCard™ debit card is Powered by Visa© Networks and therefore acceptable wherever Visa Cards are accepted.

Q. Can I use my Global OneCard™ at any ATM?

A. Yes. The Global OneCard™ debit card is accepted wherever the Interlink®, Plus®, Pulse®, and Star® logos are displayed at ATM networks in over 180 countries worldwide.

Q. how do I load funds into my card ?

A. If you have an existing bank account you may transfer funds from another debit or credit card over the phone using your bank by phone feature. If you don't have an existing bank account, you can walk into any Bank of America or Chase Bank and ask the teller to deposit your cash into your OneCard™ account.


Q. How do I access my account information?

A. Please call the number on the back of your card. You will be prompted for you card number and your PIN number. The system will guide you through the various options.

Q. Can I transfer funds to bank accounts anywhere in the world?

A. Not from your phone. The OneCard™ transfer option is strictly
Card-2-Card, so that the recipient of the funds would also need to have the OneCard™ in order for the funds to become available immediately. However, since the OneCard™ is powered by the Visa© and ATM networks in over 150 countries, you are able to make traditional bank wires by having a local bank withdraw funds from your OneCard™ to another account.


Q. Do I use my bank-by-phone PIN to use the calling card feature?

A. No, when you receive your card yo will be given a separate calling card PIN number to use exclusively for the Global calling card program.


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